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Prof. Sher in Ireland and New York!

Looking forward to playing some great music with great musicians in Ireland and New York over the next six weeks. Here's dates and links, I hope you can all make it to at least a night on one side of the Atlantic or the other!

New York:

July 13th: THE BAR NEXT DOOR with Sylvia Cuenca and Gary Fisher. This is my NEW ORGAN Trio from my recording Tempestade. Very excited to reunite for our 1st 'hit' together in over a year! DETAILS

June 28th: THE CRAFT HOUSE STATEN ISLAND with Joel Chasson on cajon. This is a wonderful brew pub/barbeque place I used to frequent all the time. We'll be playing some acoustic funk and brazilian music. DETAILS


June 19th: Limerick Masterclass and performance withJoe O Callaghan & Rick Harris guitars, Peter Hanagan on bass and John Daly drums. DETAILS

June22nd and 23rd: with Frank Kilkely a very interesting guitarist deeply rooted in the Irish tradition as well as the acoustic swing of Django Reinhard. Looking forward to two nights of collaborating with him, I think this is going to be interesting! We'll be in Castlebar on Friday. DETAILS

. . .and Galway on Saturday. DETAILS

June 24th: Concert with Rick Harris: Serendipity at it's greatest! Rick's a colleague of mine from New England Conservatory circa 1986! We just happened to rendezvous in Facebook-land, one thing led to another, and here we are, doing a concert in Ireland! Rick's a great multi-faceted musician; blues, jazz guitarist extraordinaire and singer/songwriter. It's going to be a fun night! DETAILS

June 25th-26th: in Dublin to play some straight-ahead jazz with Hugh Buckley. Lots of great European guitarists that can really swing like us New York cats, Hugh's one em'. Really looking forward to some burning be-bop guitar music. DETAILS

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