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Ben Sher: Samba for Tarsila

A New Release on Zoho Records!  

Ben Sher guitars

Gary Fisher piano and keyboards

Vanderlei Periera drums

Greg Jones bass

A  new  collection of Brazilian-jazz with a tinge of Latin and R=B influence!  Originals and covers by Gilberto  Gil, Jorge Ben as well as songs from the great American Songbook and even the Jackson Five!  This release pays tribute to a plethora of different influences; on the more ‘pop’ side of Brazilian music, Sergio Mendes and Asimuth, as well as some of the great American jazz player/composers, Joe Henderson and Benny Golson who have always influenced my work. 

One "old school" CD! Great for your 1990's Camry, or dig out your old CD players! They really do sound better than streaming platforms.

Just email  me your address and I'll stick one in an envelope and send...old school style, through the mail! The shipping cost is 'on me'!

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