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Are you serious about bringing your playing to a professional level?

I am a Full Professor at the Berklee College of Music where I've taught for the past twenty years! 

I also love  teaching  adult hobbyists and children of all ages.  

If you have an interest in music, age and ability level doesn't matter I'm glad to work with you! I cover everything on the guitar from Blues to Brazilian to be-bop. 

Here are several videos that will give you some examples of the things I cover:


Fretboard Harmony

Fretboard Harmony works on an understanding of the basic principles of harmony and how they unfold on the guitar. This course is great for taking rock guitarists out of the "box," so to speak, that most beginning rock players find themselves limited by. - This concept also speaks to the more advanced players, opening up the neck in a vertical manner to create longer vertical arpeggios and motivic development. 


Valencia Master Class

This is a Masterclass I taught at the Berklee College of Music campus in Valencia Spain.

I covered some extended fngerings for blues scales and some of my jazz scale

fingerings and phrases.


Classes at

Berklee College of Music

Brazilian Guitar Ensemble

Brazilian Guitar Styles


The Guitar Styles of Grant Green and Pat Martino


Prof. Sher's  Big Band Writing

This is a sample of my writing for student ensembles.

This is from my work while teaching at Wagner College .

I hope to meet you and

hear what you're into soon! 

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