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Ben Sher Guitarist

"Ben Sher is a unique jazz guitarist. Fluent in the classic jazz tradition of Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, and George Benson . . ."


Based in NYC
Genre: JAZZ

Reviews For Tempestade

"For those who have followed Sher's explorations into Latin music, this is another jewel on the crown . . ."


"Guitarist Ben Sher's infectious affection for Brazilian music soars to new heights on his latest effort, Tempestade."

Stacey Zering, April 30, 2017

Ben Sher Guitarist
Ben Sher Guitarist

Reviews For Please Take Me To Brazil

"This excellent album features some of the best Brazilian and American jazz musicians on the scene today."

William Grimm

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Ben Sher Guitarist

Latin Jazz Conversation:  Ben Sher / By Chip Boaz,  February 2, 2017

"This CD was a real "find" as I bought it mostly just to hear Ben's "Violao" 7 nylon string archtop cutaway... what i discovered is a truly beauty-full recording with talented Luciana Souza singing Jobim's "Wave" & "Agua de Beber" as well as a gifted collection of musicians accompanying Ben Sher's great jazz guitar playing as well as a taste-full selection of originals & standards... just a joy to listen to thru & thru with plenty of Brazilian beauty in the vibes of the music !!! the band is outstanding & grooves sooo soul-fully !!! one of my favorite "cruisin' Hawaii in 'da Moonlight" CDs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

- Blue Gypsy
(917) 589-0146


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